How Inns are Different from Hotels

Accommodation and Dining Inns and Pubs

In Dorset, you will find a lot of inns, in fact, more than hotels. One of the major reasons for it is that Dorset is not a big city. It is on the rural side and so inns are a more viable business here. If you are hesitating to book an inn for your holiday in Dorset, then learn about the differences between inns and hotels.


Inns are smaller in size than hotels. It is lodging in a rural location that offers lodging and food. The number of rooms is limited and there is in-house dining available. A hotel, on the other hand, is large with many rooms. Sometimes, there is more than one building in a hotel.


Good hotels are located in the city centres or near major attractions. Inns are located in remote locations. You may have to travel a lot to get to the main attraction of Dorset from your inn.


Inns are less costly than hotels. The reason for it is the remote location and less luxury. Inns don’t have any star ratings. You will get room service, but not exclusive service like in a hotel.


The layouts of the hotels vary. They can be on many floors and have hundreds of rooms. There are elevators and internal corridors as well for letting the guests go to their rooms directly. The inns in Dorset are between 1 to 3 floors. The number of rooms is limited. Most inns don’t have an elevator.


The hotels have receptionists, housekeepers, elevator operators, chefs, concierges, and others. However, inns have a limited number of staff.

Amenities and services

Hotels provide a wide range of amenities and services. In a hotel, you will find a swimming pool, entertainment options, recreation services, gym, spa, and other things. In inns, you only get the basic services.

Some people want comfort and affordability over luxury. Inns are perfect for them. However, if you want some luxury, then you will find luxury hotels too in Dorset.

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