5 Dog-Friendly Pubs in Dorset

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British people love going to pubs. It is a part of their culture. That’s why you will see many pubs in Dorset also. The good thing is that there are lots of dog-friendly pubs in England and that’s why guests can bring their dogs to the pub. Here are some pubs worth mentioning.

Risaro at the Coventry Arms, Corfe Mullen

This pub is situated on the riverside and is considered to be very dog friendly. The dogs can play in the water nearby while you can enjoy your drink on the deck. You can get a variety of beers, wines, and soft drinks. You can also choose food like smoked meats.

The Black Dog Inn, Broadmayne

This has a bar and a restaurant. You can bring your dog to the bar, but not at the restaurant. You can get a variety of food and drinks here. You can also get something that your pet will like.

The Love Branch, Wimborne

In this pub, there is special ice cream made for dogs. So, they serve food and drinks to both the owner and the pet. The pets can move around and play in the garden, while you enjoy your drink quietly.

The Fisherman’s Haunt, Christchurch

This pub welcomes dogs with a biscuit, so you can imagine how pet friendly the environment is. You can get different food and drinks here and of course, get something for your pet as well.

The Three Tuns, Bransgore

Here the staff welcomes dogs. You will get dog food along with human food here. The pet can roam around in the bar area, patio, and garden. So, there is plenty of room for your pet to feel comfortable. You can spend long hours here without worrying much about your dog.

These pubs are located in a beautiful setting and have an outdoor area that gives pets enough room to walk around and play while their owners have drinks and food. As the area is secured, you won’t have to worry about your pet that much. You can socialise with your friends while your pet plays with the other pets in the pub.

These pubs are great for pet lovers. They won’t have to leave their pets at home to have a good time with their friends at the pub.

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