Dorset is famous for having the finest local food and drink. The mild climate and fertile soil produce good quality crops and so they get the best ingredients for cooking. You also get fresh seafood here. There are many family-friendly pubs and inns where you can try out the local produce of Dorset while having a comfortable stay.

This magazine is about inns and pubs in Dorset. If you are planning to visit Dorset, then this magazine can be very useful. Here you will get all the information related to accommodation and dining in Dorset. Whether you are looking for an inn by the seaside or riverside, you will get lots of choices here.

Dorset has a rich history and people come here to explore nature, learn about the culture, and enjoy the local produces and fresh seafood. If you can find a good inn here, your stay will be very comfortable.

The inns here provide various facilities like a gym, spa, free parking, free Wi-Fi, and more. You will get breakfast for free in most inns. Some inns have an in-house restaurant where you can enjoy your lunch or dinner without the need to go outside.

The pubs have a wide selection of drinks including locally crafted beers, wine, and other drinks. You will also get food here to go along with the drinks. The environment of the pubs is cozy and friendly. Pubs are a great place to socialise. There are large screen TVs in the pubs, and you can enjoy watching sports along with your friends here.

You will taste awesome seafood and other local food that is made from local producers. The unique taste and flavour of the dishes will revive your senses. The articles here are very informative. You will get reviews of some of the best inns and pubs here.